Desire to be Important

John works for a construction company, based in the main office. He loves to do his tasks. Office timings does not matter to him as he always takes his work on priority. His best friend is his laptop, which always stay with him at least for 15 hrs a day. May be more than that.
He loves to spend his evening with his laptop even on the weekend; that is how his colleagues complement him. Work load like this is horrible, but for him, it’s fun.
One day, he got an opportunity to visit a project site to improve his technical know-how. He was excited about this visit. He knows this opportunity rarely given to anybody. There are many people in the company office, but till now nobody gets any chance to go to work site especially for personal training.
He made all arrangement a week earlier from the departure date. That’s his style to prepare so early for any work.

Finally, the D day arrived. We wished him good luck & safe journey to the site. As usual, he arrived at the station 2 hours prior to train departure time. He boarded the train and finally reached project site. Considering it a one week visit, he planned his daily activities to make best out of this visit.
At site, he met with many people, his company personnel, various technician, workers and also few clients & other business people. It was peak work load conditions. Work was going on in two shifts, VIZ, morning shift & night shift.

John also met a supervisor (Ryan), a most experienced fellow at project. Ryan shared his experience at the site. He also explained john, details of all the various ongoing work, materials, priority application zones and also weak areas, which needs immediate attention.
John spent nearly four hours with Ryan discussing all project related activities. These details were exceptionally helpful to John in his report.
After a long chat, John realized that Ryan did not look happy. He then asked Ryan whether he is enjoying working here. Initially, he tried to avoid this question, but after few more minutes talk, he shared his story.
Ryan did not get his festival gift, even after 2 months. He did receive his festive benefit that was also after a month. However, all other people at the site had received their gift and benefit on time. In addition to that, his manager was not even bother about his opinion. Site people did not involve Ryan in the weekly meetings. They did not take his opinion while finalizing his scope of work. Ryan belonged to different work section. The main office people did not prefer him to take part in the meetings.
When John enquired about this issue with the site admin, then he told that Ryan is from a different division. His festive gift should be issued by their divisional office, not by the main office. Ryan’s office had a different thought. As per them, Ryan is working for main office and under their role. They did not consider him in their list.
These people were just passing the ball to each other. Ultimately, Ryan was the one who suffered. This surely hurt his morale.
John completed his 7 days visit and finally back in the office. He shared site pics & analysis with us and also his site exposure which was far more different from the office. He told me about the Ryan. He praised Ryan a lot for his expertise and dedication to work.
Once again same work cycle started. Work_work_work_……………………………..

The Sweating Smiley

After few months, we came to know that Ryan left the company. We enquired about him at the site. He quitted because of same reasons, which he shared with John. We lost one of the best guy of the industry just because the negligence of some people.
One of the human urge is the desire to be important. It cannot be compared with other monetary benefits. Festive gift/appreciation at work costs nothing, but these minor things may be good enough to boost the morale of people. If the site manager could have considered and involved Ryan in the regular works, it will not only improve the standard of work, but also we may retain Ryan with us.

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One thought on “Desire to be Important

  1. Hi, I really enjoyed this post. I definitely agree that employees want to feel valued and sometimes it’s just the little things that can do it. Doesn’t take that much effort from management, but it can mean a lot to the employee. Worse, when it doesn’t happen, the employee can feel like they’re doing all their hard work for no appreciation and both their morale and productivity can decrease. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! :)

    Also, thanks so much for subscribing to my blog, I truly appreciate it! I hope you will leave a 10-word-or-less description of your blog for me to add beside your blog on my page dedicated to my readers:

    Thank you!!

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